L I A N  N G / lianng@gmail.com

Artist Biography:

Lian Ng started his career as a graphic designer in Seattle, Washington. Throughout his career, Lian has worked in corporate branding, print collateral, packaging, retail graphics and environmental design with brands such as Restoration Hardware, Uber, Nike, Levis, Kohler and Starbucks. In addition to being a designer, Ng is an artist working in watercolor and printmaking. His work tends to lean towards Abstract
and Concrete Art Movement. 

Lian Ng’s work has been recognized internationally and is in the permanent collection of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Academy of Art University San Francisco, SGC International Archives, University
of Knoxville, Portland State University, Pacific Northwest College of Art, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts China, Veneto Region Italy, the City of Venice Italy, Tipoteca Italiana di Cornuda Italy, Biblioteca Civica di Rovereto Italy, Archivio Tipografico di Torino Italy and Druckwerk Basel Switzerland. His work has been published in both trade and consumer magazines, including Type Directors Club Annuals, Print, ID Magazine, How Magazine, Communication Arts, as well as art books such as Tangible, Paper Perfect and Paper Craft. 

Artist Statement:

Influenced by my background in Mathematics and Computer Science, my art and design often incorporates mathematical algorithms, as well as typography and architectural references. My interest in pattern generation has been a recurring theme in my art, often resulting in works that show elements being expanded or manipulated to create systems where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. I’m also fascinated by naturally recurring pattern, or texture, that is non-repeating but influenced by the environment—such as wood grain, and the residual effects from the process of evaporation and crystallization. Most of my work has an underlying formal structure but still maintain a sense of organic fluidity by the use of color, texture and composition.


Strata / Salon at Atelier Mondial, Basel, Switzerland
Water Music / DZine Gallery, San Francisco, USA

Hush/Silence After Noise / Papiermühle, Basel, Switzerland
Dimension Druck / Salzhaus, Brugg, Switzerland
Perimeter & Void / de Bouwput Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Tracks and Echoes / DZine Gallery, San Francisco, USA

Rauschen/Immersion / Papiermühle, Basel, Switzerland
Legacy of Letters / Tipoteca Italiana, Cornuda, Italy
Burning Bright / DZine Gallery, San Francisco, USA
Printed in Cuba / 688 Sutter Gallery, San Francisco, USA
Printed in Cuba / Kaskadenkondensator Gallery, Basel, Switzerland
Printed in Cuba / Havana Galerie, Zurich, Switzerland
Printed in Cuba / Taller Experimental de Gráfica, Havana, Cuba

Rock+Paper+Scissors / DZine Gallery, San Francisco, USA
HewnX / SF Design Center, San Francisco, USA

Unbemerkt/Unnoticed / Kaskadenkondensator Gallery, Basel, Switzerland

Grid Flow/ Was Hängen Bleibt / Kaskadenkondensator Gallery, Basel, Switzerland
SGCI Spanning Traditions / The Atelier at AAU, San Francisco, USA

Edition Basel / Kaskadenkondensator Gallery, Basel, Switzerland